List of Nodes


SceneSets a virtual scene in 3D space where multiple 3D objects can be placed, combined and viewed
Camera3DAdds a virtual camera in 3D space
ObjectCreates a primitive 3D object (Sphere, Box, Cylinder, or Torus)
ObjectFileLoads 3D model from a file
ProjectorCreates a virtual projector in 3D space
RemapUses UV remapping data to transform a texture applied from a source image


AudioInCaptures audio from available recording devices
AudioOutOutputs audio to a selected audio device
SoundEffectApplies sound effects
ToneGeneratorGenerates an audio tone
DTMFGeneratorGenerates Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) tones

Auto Calibration

CalibratorProvides camera-based automatic calibration for a multi-projector setup
CalibratorPatchPatch for automatic calibration
CameraProvides DSLR camera controls and settings
DomeSDKLoaderLoads DomeSDK calibration files
DomeSDKSaverSaves DomeSDK calibration files
LensDistortionCompensates lens distortion during panorama calibration
VirtualCameraAllows the use of 3d cameras and patches as virtual cameras for calibration


CommercialsRandomizerAllows pseudo-randomly selected items from a source playlist to be added to a target playlist
DelayActionDelays the execution of an input trigger for a specified duration of time
MediaPlayerActionProvides Media Player playback controls
MidiInEnables MIDI input to be routed via MIDI messages from one device to several MIDI Controllers
MidiOutOutputs MIDI messages
OnItemStartedEmits an output trigger event when a specified media item is played in the Media Player
OnStartupEmits an output trigger event on startup
PlayItemPlays a media item in the Media Player
PresenterClickerReceives input from a presentation clicker and forwards it as action events
PresetAllows the defining of preset value sets for configured parameters and switching between them
ScriptExecutes a JavaScript code allowing advanced automation
TickerEmits output trigger event every N frames
TimeEventCreates time events
TriggerFilterFilters input trigger events


DeckLinkInputCaptures video and audio output from DeckLink capture cards produced by Blackmagic Design
DeltacastCaptureCaptures video output from Deltacast capture cards
MagewellCaptureCaptures video output from Magewell capture cards
VisionCaptures video output from Datapath capture cards


GraphVisualizes a graph of the input values for the time duration (or frames) to be used for debugging
NVidiaPerfKitUses NVidia PerfKit API to query GPU counters for performance debugging
PIDControllerProvides PID controller feedback
SimulatedSystemSimulates output of the inertial system

Devices Control

BarcoControlControls Barco projectors over Ethernet
MultipleDisplayControlControls Samsung displays with Multiple Display Control protocol over a network
PJLinkControls devices with PJLink protocol over TCP/IP


DomeTransformApplies transformations to a dome master (Equirectangular/Fisheye) image to compensate for camera position and lens distortion
FisheyeToFisheye360Converts a Fisheye or Lat-long source via a virtual sphere model to Fisheye captured from a defined position/angle
LatLongToDomeConverts a Lat-long (Panorama 360) source via a virtual sphere model to a Fisheye image to play VR content in full-dome setups
PlanarToDomeConverts a planar (flat) image to a flat or curved window for Fisheye (full-dome) output


AppHostControlsProvides general server parameters information and controls
CanvasCreates a video output window for an OpenGL context
DisplayCreates viewport on context canvas and represents a connected video output device (i.e., a projector or display)
GroupCreates a group of nested nodes and forwards their input and output parameters
RenderTargetAllocates framebuffer object (FBO) for a render-to-texture procedure
SysInfoCalculates performance counters (CPU/GPU load, frame rate, disk read speed, etc.)

Image Processing

BlendImageBlends two images using standard blending modes
CopyToAlphaApplies red channel from an alpha image as an alpha mask to a source image
ImageBufferAccumulates source image frames into N buffers for later use
ImageFileSaverSaves an image into a file
LightenApplies a lighten filter (maximum value) to the input image
MaximalApplies an optimized maximum filter to the input image 
MultiplyMultiplies two input images
ShaderApplies GLSL shader to input image
StereoscopicMergeMerges two images into a stereoscopic one

Input Devices

JoystickProvides joystick support
KeyboardEmits output trigger events when predefined keys are pressed
MidiControllerProcesses a MIDI input device
MouseProcesses mouse events

Logical Operators

ActionToLogicConverts input trigger events to output boolean value parameters
LogicOperationPerforms a logic operation on boolean value inputs
LogicToActionConverts boolean value input parameters to output trigger events
TriggerExecutes a trigger event when boolean output parameters change on each input trigger event

Manual Calibration

RectangleCreates a simple rectangular output patch
BezierWarpCreates a grid patch with bezier interpolation
SoftEdgeBlenderBuilds blending maps for geometry patches automatically
LinesPatchCreates a special patch for mapping LED strips from polylines of the source image
PatchReplicatorDuplicates patches
QuadWarpCreates a simple patch for perspective four points distortion
QuadGridCreates a grid patch with perspective or linear interpolation used for calibration on stair-like surfaces
Transform2DGenerates a transformation matrix for patches to enable rotation, scaling, and movement
XGridCreates a special patch for calibration on X-grid like surfaces

Mathematical Operators

EasingInterpolates using Easing functions
ExpressionProvides run-time mathematical expression parser and evaluation
FloatToIntConverts a floating-point number to an integer
MaximalFloatOutputs the maximum out of input floating-point numbers
MultiplyFloatMultiplies input floating-point numbers
ThresholdFloatOutputs triggers risingEdge and fallingEdge events when the input float value passes the threshold value or the result of the comparison as a boolean value
Vec2Combines two floating-point numbers inputs into one vec2 value output

Media Sources

GradientGenerates a gradient image and may be used with 3D nodes (Camera3D, ReMap) as a UV initial image source
GridImageGenerates a grid image to be used in manual calibration
ImageFileLoads an image from a file
MediaPlayerCreates a media player with playback organized into playlists and timelines
SolidColor3fGenerates a simple solid color image
TextImageRenders text

Multi-Camera Calibration

BlobsImageGenerates a blobs image for multi-camera calibration
BlobsPatchDraws a blobs image with opacities from a MultiCameraCalibrator node
GridConverterTransforms a 2D grid for multi-camera calibration
GridModifierModifies a 2D grid for multi-camera calibration
GridPatchLoads a patch with an identified 2D grid for multi-camera calibration
GridReconstructorTakes results from MultiCameraCalibrator (identified vertices) and VerticesMapper. It is used for the extrapolation and interpolation of an identified 2D grid for multi-camera calibration
GridVisualizerVisualizes an identified 2D grid for multi-camera calibration
MultiCameraCalibratorCalibrates multiple cameras using positioned blobs on a screen
VerticesMapperAssigns row/column indexes to points from an ObjectFile node by mapping them onto selected 3D model shape for multi-camera calibration


ArtNetClientSends ArtNET packets (DMX over ethernet network)
ArtNetServerReceives ArtNET packets (DMX over ethernet network)
HttpListenerListens for HTTP requests and trigger outputs for configured commands, or processes them with the Screenberry Control protocol
NDIInCaptures NDI video/audio stream
NDIOutSends an image and audio as NDI stream
OscListenerListens for OSC packets (over UDP) and triggers outputs for configured commands or processes them with the Screenberry Control protocol
OscSenderSends an OSC packet (over UDP)
TcpListenerListens for TCP/IP connections, receives messages and triggers outputs for configured commands or processes them with the Screenberry Control protocol and sends a response.
TcpSenderSends simple commands and reads a response over TCP/IP
UdpListenerListens for UDP packets and triggers outputs for configured commands or processes them with a Screenberry Control protocol
UdpSenderSends a UDP packet
WakeOnLanSends Wake-on-LAN packets
WebRequestSends an HTTP request
WebServerA web server for controlling Screenberry from mobile devices or any browser

Output Devices

DeckLinkOutputOutputs a video stream to DeckLink devices by Blackmagic Design

Serial Ports

SerialInputReceives packets from a serial port and triggers outputs for configured commands or processes them with the Screenberry Control protocol
SerialOutputSends message over a serial port
SerialPortLoopDetectionDetects short-circuiting of RX and TX lines on a serial port
SerialPPMConverts floating-point values to a PPM signal for RC devices using the Front Pictures USBtoPPM device (over a virtual serial port)
SerialProjectorsControlControls projectors over a serial port


SystemExecRuns external processes


LTCDecoderDecodes an SMPTE Timecode (Linear Timecode, LTC) from an audio stream
LTCEncoderEncodes a Linear Timecode (LTC) from an internal timecode
MidiTimeCodeDecoderDecodes MIDI time codes (receives messages from MidiController)
TimeCodeGenerates an internal timecode for synchronization between nodes and applications
TimeCodeDisplayRenders a visualization of a timecode value


AccumulatorWhen triggered, applies a lighten filter to a set number of input frames and saves the result as an output image
BlobTrackerLocates blobs
GetChannelExtracts a single channel from a source image
NetManagerResponderSends NetManager packets to other Front Pictures applications
PointGreyCameraCaptures a video stream from Point Grey cameras
ThresholdApplies a threshold filter

User Controls

ButtonCreates a custom user assigned button control that triggers output on a mouse click
CheckBoxCreates a checkbox control
LabelValueCreates a label text field input
SliderCreates a slider control
VideoPreviewCreates a preview window for a scaled video stream