Timeline View

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    1. Timeline name and information.
    2. Duration display shows the time of the current playhead position in relation to the total timeline playback duration.
    3. Position Guide time display shows the time that corresponds to the current position guide location.
    4. General Timeline Options (Snapping Toggle , Timeline Preferences , Add New Track ).
    5. Track Settings drop-down menu.
    6. Playback Controls – Play Selected Item Play Pause , and Stop  buttons.
    7. Media Items placed on the timeline.
    8. Time Ruler.
    9. Position Guide.
    10. Playhead.
    11. Control Point.
    12. End of Playback Marker.
    13. Volume Control adjusts the overall audio volume for the Media Player output (see Volume Control).
    14. Color Correction controls global color correction for the Media Player output (see Color Correction).
    15. Timecode displays the timecode information.
    16. Timecode controls menu provides access to the global timecode controls for the Media Player output.