List of Nodes


Camera3DAdds a virtual camera that can be added to a 3D scene.
ObjectCreates a primitive 3D object (Sphere, Box, Cylinder, or Torus) that can be added to a 3D scene.
ObjectFileLoads a 3D object from a file that can be added to a 3D scene.
ObjectFileSaverSaves a 3D object to a file (OBJ or FBX formats).
ObjectTransformAllows the transformation of multiple 3D objects as one.
ProjectorAdds a virtual projector for a 3D scene.
SceneCreates a 3D scene – a virtual 3D environment where 3D objects can be added, positioned, and edited.
Transform3DGenerates or receives a transformation matrix for 3D objects. Multiple Transform3D nodes can be chained together to perform complex transformations.


AudioInCaptures audio from available audio devices.
AudioOutOutputs audio to the selected audio device.
DTMFGeneratorGenerates Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) signals.
SoundEffectAdds sound effects to the audio output.
ToneGeneratorGenerates an audio tone based on the input frequency.

Auto Calibration

CalibratorProvides camera-based seamless automatic multi-projector calibration.
CalibratorPatchCreates a single projector patch for automatic multi-projector calibration.
DigitalCameraProvides access to DSLR camera controls and settings.
DomeSDKLoaderLoads proprietary Screenberry DomeSDK calibration files.
DomeSDKSaverSaves proprietary Screenberry DomeSDK calibration files.
VirtualCameraUsed to simulate the calibration process (mainly for debugging while evaluating the Calibrator work). It can also be used in combination with the 3D Scene node to simulate complex multi-projector setups.


DelayActionDelays the execution of an input action for a specified amount of time.
MediaPlayerActionMakes the playback controls (Play, Stop, Pause) of the selected Media Player available for external control, i.e. for execution by a button or trigger.
OnItemStartedCreates a trigger to be executed when a selected media item starts playing.
OnStartupCreates a Screenberry startup trigger.
PlayItemStarts the playback of a selected media item.
PlaylistRandomizerAdds media items in pseudo-random order from a source playlist to a target playlist.
PresetAllows conditional switching between parameter sets with predefined values.
ScriptRuns a JavaScript code for advanced automation.
SystemExecRuns external processes.
TickerCreates a trigger to be executed every time the specified number of frames have passed.
TimeEventCreates a trigger and sets the time or date parameters for its execution.
TriggerFilterDefines a filter for input event triggers.


ArtNetClientSends Art-Net packets (DMX) over an ethernet network.
ArtNetServerReceives Art-Net packets (DMX) over an ethernet network.
HttpListenerListens for HTTP requests and either sends triggers for configured commands or processes them via Screenberry Control Protocol.
MidiControllerProcesses input from a MIDI device.
MidiInReceives MIDI input from a single device and enables the routing of MIDI messages to multiple MIDI controllers.
MidiOutEnables the output of MIDI messages.
MQTTClientEstablishes a connection to the MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) broker over TCP.
OscListenerListens for OSC packets using UDP and either outputs triggers for configured commands, outputs values for configured channels or processes them via Screenberry Control Protocol.
OscSenderSends OSC packets using UDP.
SerialInputReceives packets from a serial port and either outputs triggers for configured commands or processes them via Screenberry Control Protocol.
SerialOutputSends messages over a serial port.
TcpListenerListens for TCP/IP connections, receives messages and either outputs triggers for configured commands or processes them via Screenberry Control Protocol and sends a response.
TcpSenderSends simple commands and reads a response over TCP/IP.
UdpListenerListens for UDP packets and either outputs triggers for configured commands or processes them via Screenberry Control Protocol.
UdpSenderSends UDP packets.
WakeOnLanSends Wake-on-LAN packets.
WebRequestSends HTTP requests.
WebServerRuns a web server for controlling Screenberry via a web browser.

Device Control

BarcoControlProvides IP control of Barco projectors.
MultipleDisplayControlProvides control of Samsung displays via the Multiple Display Control (MDC) protocol.
PJLinkProvides control over devices via the PJLink protocol.
SerialPortLoopDetectionDetects short-circuits of RX and TX lines of a serial port.
SerialPPMConverts floating-point numbers to a PPM signal for RC devices using the Front Pictures USBtoPPM device (over a virtual serial port).
SerialProjectorsControlProvides controls for projectors over a serial port.


DomeTransformApplies a geometry correction to the Dome Master image to compensate for the position, orientation, and lens distortion of the calibration camera.
FisheyeDistortionApplies compensation for minor deviations of certain measured physical fisheye lenses models to achieve a correctly equidistant fisheye image.
FisheyeToFisheye360Converts a source fisheye or VR 360-degree image into a circular fisheye image, allowing adjustment for the position, orientation, and lens distortion of the calibration camera.
LatLongToDomeMaps a VR 360-degree image onto a virtual sphere and provides controls for displaying it on a dome screen.
PlanarToDomeMaps a planar image onto a virtual flat or curved surface and provides controls for displaying it on a dome screen.


CanvasCreates a main server video output window with an OpenGL context.
DisplayCreates a viewport that can be placed on the canvas.
GroupCreates a specialized container node that nests a group of nodes and forwards input and output parameters of that group.
RenderTargetCreates a framebuffer object (FBO) for off-screen rendering using an OpenGL render-to-texture procedure.
ServerControlProvides controls over server and Screenberry application, displays general system information.
SysInfoCalculates and displays performance counters (CPU and GPU usage, frame rate, disk read speed, etc.)

Human Interface Devices

JoystickProvides joystick events handling.
KeyboardProvides keyboard events handling.
MouseProvides mouse events handling.
PresenterClickerDetects presentation clicker inputs and forwards them as action events.

Image Processing

BlendImageBlends two input images together using the standard blending modes.
CopyToAlphaUses the red (first) channel of an image as the alpha channel of a source image.
EffectChainApplies a sequence of ISF (Interactive Shader Format) effects to a source image.
GetChannelExtracts a specified single channel from the input image.
ImageBufferAccumulates a specified number of source image frames in a buffer for later use.
ImageFileSaverSaves an input image into a file.
InvertColorInverts image colors
LightenApplies a lighten filter to an input image.
MaximalApplies an optimized maximum filter to an input image.
MultiplyMultiplies two input images.
RemapUses UV mapping data to reapply a 2D source image as a texture on a 3D object.
ShaderApplies a GLSL shader to an input image.
StereoscopicMergeMerges two input images into a single stereoscopic image.
ThresholdApplies a threshold filter to the input image.


ActionToLogicConverts input event triggers into output boolean values.
LogicToActionConverts input boolean values into output event triggers.
TriggerChanges the value of an output boolean parameter every time an input event trigger is executed.


EasingApplies the standard easing functions to the input value changing within the range [0, 1].
EulerToQuaternionConverts input Euler rotation angles into a quaternion value.
ExpressionProvides the runtime parsing and evaluation of a mathematical expression.
GraphCreates a graph showing input values over a specified time range or number of frames.
LogicOperationPerforms the specified logical operation on input boolean values.
MaximalFloatReturns the largest of input floating-point numbers. 
MultiplyFloatMultiplies input floating-point numbers.
PIDControllerSimulates a PID (proportional–integral–derivative) controller.
QuaternionToEulerConverts an input quaternion value into Euler rotation angles.
SimulatedSystemSimulates output of the inertial system.
ThresholdFloatSends event triggers when the input floating-point number passes the specified threshold value and outputs the result of their comparison as a boolean value.

Media Sources

GradientGenerates a gradient image.
ImageFileLoads an image from a file.
MediaPlayerCreates a media player that provides control over the playlists or timelines playback.
NotchPlaybackProvides controls for Notch blocks playback.
SolidColorGenerates a solid color image.
TestPatternGenerates a grid image for use in manual calibration.
TextImageGenerates an image with rendered text according to user formatting.
TouchEngineLoads TouchEngine .tox container from a file.
WebViewRenders a specified web page.

Multi-Camera Calibration

BlobsImageGenerates a blobs image for multi-camera calibration.
BlobsPatchDraws a blobs image with opacities based on the input from the MultiCameraCalibrator node.
GridConverterTransforms a 2D grid for multi-camera calibration.
GridModifierModifies a 2D grid for multi-camera calibration.
GridPatchLoads a patch with an identified 2D grid for multi-camera calibration.
GridReconstructorCombines the results from MultiCameraCalibrator (identified vertices) and VerticesMapper for the extrapolation and interpolation of an identified 2D grid for multi-camera calibration.
GridVisualizerVisualizes an identified 2D grid for multi-camera calibration.
MultiCameraCalibratorCalibrates multiple cameras using a blobs image positioned on a screen.
MultiCameraCalibratorV2Provides automatic camera images stitching for multi-camera calibration.
VerticesMapperAssigns row and column indexes to the ObjectFile points by mapping them onto the selected 3D model for multi-camera calibration.


SpacetimeScriptExecutes a SpaceTime script.


LTCDecoderDecodes SMPTE Linear Timecode (LTC) data from an input audio stream.
LTCEncoderEncodes Linear Timecode (LTC) data from the internal timecode.
MTCDecoderDecodes a MIDI timecode from messages received from the MidiIn node.
TimeCodeGenerates internal timecode for synchronization between nodes and applications.
TimeCodeDisplayRenders the current timecode value in real time.
TimecodeEventsCreates event triggers based on specified time points of an input timecode.


AccumulatorGenerates an image by progressively applying a lighten filter to a specified number of input frames.
BlobTrackerDetects the positions of blobs in the input image.
NetManagerResponderSends NetworkManager packets to other Front Pictures applications.

User Controls

ButtonCreates a custom button control that sends a trigger on a button click.
CheckBoxCreates a custom checkbox control.
ColorPickerCreates a custom color picker control.
ComboBoxCreates a custom combo box control.
DoubleCreates a custom double-precision floating-point number input field control.
GuiPanelAllows the creation of a customizable graphical user interface with user-selected controls.
IntCreates a custom integer number input field control.
LabelValueCreates a custom text field for a label input.
SliderCreates a custom slider control.
SwitchCreates a custom control for switching links in the node graph.
TextValueCreates a custom text field or text area control.
VideoPreviewCreates a custom size video preview window.


FloatArrayConverts input floating-point numbers into an array.
FloatArrayValuesExtracts floating-point numbers from the input array.
FloatMatrixCreates a matrix from input floating-point numbers.
FloatMatrixValuesExtracts floating-point numbers from the input matrix.
FloatToIntConverts an input floating-point number into an integer.
FromIVec2Converts an input IVec2 value into two integers.
FromMat4Converts an input Mat4 value into four Vec4 values.
FromVec2Converts an input Vec2 value into two floating-point numbers.
FromVec3Converts an input Vec3 value into three floating-point numbers.
FromVec4Converts an input Vec4 value into four floating-point numbers.
IntArrayConverts input integers into an array.
IntArrayValuesExtracts integers from the input array.
IVec2Converts two input integers into an IVec2 value.
Mat4Converts four input Vec4 values into a Mat4 value (a 4x4 matrix).
StringArrayConverts input strings into an array.
StringArrayValuesExtracts strings from the input array.
Vec2Converts two input floating-point numbers into a Vec2 value.
Vec2ArrayConverts input Vec2 values into an array.
Vec2ArrayValuesExtracts Vec2 values from the input array.
Vec3Converts three input floating-point numbers into a Vec3 value.
Vec3ArrayConverts input Vec3 values into an array.
Vec3ArrayValuesExtracts Vec3 values from the input array.
Vec4Converts four input floating-point numbers into a Vec4 value.

Video Streaming

DeckLinkInputImplements video and audio input from DeckLink capture cards by Blackmagic Design.
DeckLinkOutputOutputs a video stream to DeckLink devices by Blackmagic Design.
DeltacastCaptureImplements video input from Deltacast capture cards.
MagewellCaptureImplements video and audio input from Magewell capture cards.
NDIInCaptures an NDI video/audio stream.
NDIOutSends video and audio as an NDI stream.
PointGreyCameraCaptures a video stream from Point Grey cameras.
SpoutInEnables input steaming from Spout enabled applications.
SpoutOutEnables Spout stream output.
VisionImplements video input from Datapath capture cards.

Warp and Transform

BezierWarpWarps image using Bezier curves for mapping a projection onto curved or partly curved surfaces.
LedStripesMapperRemaps media content into lines for output to an LED stripes controller.
LensDistortionApplies lens distortion correction. 
PatchReplicatorCreates instances of the target patch and distributes them according to user-defined rules.
QuadGridApplies a quad warp (perspective transformation) to the individual planes of a mesh grid.
QuadWarpApplies a quad warp (perspective transformation) to an image.
RectangleApplies planar translate/scale transformations and cropping to an image.
SoftEdgeBlenderCreates soft-edge blending maps for calibrated geometry patches or 3D cameras.
Transform2DGenerates or receives a transformation matrix for the patches.
TriangleMeshMaps an image onto triangulated mesh.
XGridMaps an image onto the surface of an object with a 3D pyramid-like pattern.