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Platform Comparison

Platform Comparison

Screenberry Server and Screenberry Panel are available for Windows, Linux, and macOS, with some differences in functionality. While the Screenberry Panel operates uniformly across all three, certain Screenberry Server features vary due to hardware compatibility or are queued for future development and implementation.

The Windows version, being developed first, is currently the most feature-rich. The macOS version, introduced recently with version 3.3.0, is actively being enhanced to achieve parity with other platforms.

Please note that the table below highlights only the specific features that vary between Windows, Linux, and macOS. Many other features are consistently available across all platforms.

Screenberry Server Comparison Chart by Platform

Notch Playback (Notch Blocks)+Not SupportedNot Supported
Notch LC Video Playback++Not Implemented
DeckLink (Blackmagic) Capture Cards++Not Implemented
Magewell Capture Cards+Not ImplementedNot Implemented
Vision Capture Cards (Datapath)++ (V4L)Not Supported
Deltacast Capture CardsSome PCIe Cards OnlySome PCIe Cards OnlyNot Implemented
FlyCapture (PointGrey Cameras)+No Plans to ImplementNo Plans to Implement
Video Capture (USB Camera, etc.)+ (DirectShow)+ (V4L)Not Implemented (Core Video)
GenICam+ (TIS)Not ImplementedNot Implemented
Web View++Not Implemented
Calibrator: Gamma Calibration++Not Implemented
Screenberry Plugins Support++Not Implemented
Camera Control for Auto-Calibration+ (DigiCamControl, gphoto2)+ (gphoto2)+ (gphoto2)
TouchEngine Support+Not SupportedNot Implemented
VR Camera (HTC Vive, Oculus, etc.)++Not Implemented
NVIDIA Quad Buffer (Frame-Sequential Stereoscopic)++Not Supported
GPU Counters in System Info+ (NVIDIA Only)*Not ImplementedNot Implemented
CPU Name, CPU Usage in System Info++Not Implemented

* Not implemented for Intel or AMD GPUs

All features, functionality, and other product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

If you have related questions or prioritization requests, please contact our support team for assistance.