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Organizing Media
Media Library Overview

Media Library Overview

The Media Library widget allows users to upload, view, and manage the media content stored on the server. It can be added by selecting Window > Media Library from the main menu.

Media Library View

The Media Library view: 1 – the folders tree, 2 – the content area, 3 – Media Library information and controls bar.

The Media folder is the default root folder and cannot be deleted. All new folders are created within the Media folder.

Media Library Controls

  1. The Interrupt button stops the uploading/converting process.
  2. The Uploading progress bar displays the percentage of media items uploaded to the server and the number of files already uploaded / total number of files being uploaded.
  3. The Converting progress bar displays the conversion percentage for each media file.
  4. The media item Search box.
  5. Disk Space Usage Information displays used space / the total capacity of the server hard drive.
  6. The Thumbnail Size Sliders adjust the scale and width of the media file thumbnails.
  7. The Refresh button refreshes the content displayed in the Media Library.