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Getting Started

Screenberry Overview

The Screenberry™ software is a powerful and intuitive tool for administering real-time multi-screen playback at extremely high resolutions. It is a perfect solution for 3D mapping, dome projection, stage screens, and multimedia installations.

The Screenberry software package consists of the Screenberry Server and Screenberry Panel applications.

System Setup

The recommended and most common system setup is

  • Two-computer setup when one computer is used as the Media Server and a second is used as the Operator Workstation.

It is also possible to have

  • One-computer setup when both the Media Server and the Operator Workstation are run from the same computer. This setup is especially useful in the earlier stages when a user is familiarizing themselves with Screenberry functionality.

More advanced system setup methods are also available, i.e. it is possible to manage several Media Servers from one Operator Workstation, or one Media Server from several Operator Workstations.