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Planar to Dome

Planar to Dome

The Planar to Dome node is a patch that allows the mapping of a planar image onto a dome surface. It is mostly used to achieve a picture-in-picture effect by combining planar and dome media content on a dome screen.

In a typical setup, the Planar to Dome node receives a source image as the input and outputs the modified image to the Display or Context node.

Example of the node graph with the Planar to Dome node

The Settings panel of the Planar to Dome node offers the following geometry correction parameters:

Grid Size    Sets the number of rows and columns for the patch mesh grid.

Subdivisions    Sets the number of subdivisions for the patch mesh grid.

Aspect Ratio   Defines the aspect ratio of the planar media.

Projection   Allows you to select the type of three-dimensional shape on which the image is mapped by choosing one of the following options: Planar, Conical, or Cylindrical.

Scale   Scales the image arbitrarily from its center by the set factor.

Vertical Offset   Offsets the vertical position of the image in relation to the dome zenith.

Tilt Angle   Sets the angle of the image tilt.

Rotation Angle   Rotates the image by the specified angle around the zenith of the dome.