List of Nodes

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3D CombineСombines multiple 3D objects into a single one.
3D Model ExportSaves a 3D object to a file.
3D Model FileLoads a 3D object from a file.
3D PrimitiveCreates a primitive 3D object (Sphere, Box, Cylinder, or Plane).
3D SceneCreates a virtual 3D environment where 3D objects, cameras, and projectors can be added, positioned, or edited. It is mostly used for projection mapping.
Camera 3DConfigures a camera to render an image from a particular viewpoint in a 3D scene.
Projection MapperProjects an image onto 3D objects in a scene.
Transform 3DGenerates or receives a transformation matrix for 3D objects. Multiple Transform 3D nodes can be chained together to perform complex transformations.


Audio InCaptures audio from the specified audio device.
Audio OutOutputs audio to the specified audio device.
DTMF GeneratorGenerates Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) signals.
Sound FXApplies sound effects to the audio output.
Tone GeneratorGenerates a pure audio tone with the specified frequency.

Auto Calibration

BlendCalibratorsBlends two calibrator patches on the same display.
CalibratorProvides automatic camera-based calibration of multi-projector output.
CalibratorPatchCreates a single projector patch for automatic multi-projector calibration.
Digital CameraProvides access to DSLR or mirrorless camera controls and settings.
DomeSDK LoaderLoads Screenberry DomeSDK calibration files.
DomeSDK SaverSaves Screenberry DomeSDK calibration files.
GenICam CameraEnables the use of GenICam-compatible cameras for calibration.
Virtual CameraIs used to simulate the calibration process (mostly for debugging while evaluating the work of the Calibrator). Additionally, it can be used in combination with the 3D Scene node to simulate complex multi-projector setups.


Action DelayDelays the execution of a trigger for a specified period of time.
Action ToggleExecutes On and Off triggers alternately and changes the value of an output boolean parameter every time an input trigger is received.
Content SyncAutomatically converts and updates media items from a shared folder to a target folder.
Event FilterFilters received triggers based on the criteria specified.
Event SchedulerSchedules triggers to be executed at specified times and dates, such as hourly, daily, monthly, etc.
GateConnects or breaks a link of a specified type depending on the execution of the On and Off triggers.
Media Player ActionExecutes the specified playback control of the selected Media Player upon receiving a trigger.
On Item StartedExecutes a trigger upon starting the playback of a specified media item.
On StartupExecutes a trigger at Screenberry startup.
Play ItemStarts the playback of a specified media item.
Playlist RandomizerCreates a new playlist with a specified number of media items that includes each media item from the source playlist approximately the same number of times, while not positioning any of these media items twice in the row.
PresetAllows switching between sets of parameters with predefined values.
ScriptRuns JavaScript code.
System ExecRuns external processes.
TickerCreates a trigger to be executed every specified number of frames.


Art-Net ReceiverReceives Art-Net packets (DMX) over an ethernet network.
Art-Net SenderSends Art-Net packets (DMX) over an ethernet network.
HTTP ListenerListens to HTTP requests and, upon receiving them, either executes triggers based on configured commands or processes HTTP requests using Screenberry Control Protocol.
HTTP RequestSends HTTP requests.
MIDI ControllerProcesses input from a MIDI device.
MIDI InReceives MIDI input from a single device and enables the routing of MIDI messages to multiple MIDI controllers.
MIDI OutEnables the output of MIDI messages.
MQTT ClientEstablishes a connection to the MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) broker over TCP.
OSC ListenerListens for OSC packets and, upon receiving them, either executes triggers based on configured commands or processes OSC packets using Screenberry Control Protocol.
OSC SenderSends OSC packets using UDP.
Serial Port InputReceives packets from a serial port and, upon receiving them, either executes triggers based on configured commands or processes packets using Screenberry Control Protocol.
Serial Port OutputSends messages over a serial port.
TCP ListenerListens for TCP/IP connections and processes messages by either executing triggers based on configured commands or using Screenberry Control Protocol.
TCP SenderSends simple commands and reads a response over TCP/IP.
UDP ListenerListens for UDP packets and, upon receiving them, either executes triggers based on configured commands or processes UDP packets using Screenberry Control Protocol.
UDP SenderSends UDP packets.
Wake on LANSends Wake-on-LAN packets.
Web ServerRuns a web server that enables the hosting and processing of web pages. The default page is a web panel for controlling Screenberry via a web browser.

Device Control

Barco ControlProvides IP-based control for a range of Barco projectors.
PJLinkProvides control over devices via the PJLink protocol.
Projectors Control (Serial Port)Provides control over projectors via a serial port.
Samsung MDC ProtocolProvides control over Samsung displays via the Multiple Display Control (MDC) protocol.
Serial Relay InputDetects short circuits on the serial port’s Rx and Tx lines.
SerialPPMConverts floating-point numbers to a PPM signal for RC devices using the Front Pictures USBtoPPM device (over a virtual serial port).


Dome TransformApplies a geometry correction to the Dome Master image to compensate for the position, orientation, and lens distortion of the calibration camera.
Fisheye Lens CorrectionApplies compensation for minor deviations of certain measured physical fisheye lens models to achieve a correctly equidistant fisheye image.
Fisheye RemapConverts a source fisheye or VR 360-degree image into a circular fisheye image, allowing adjustment for the position, orientation, and lens distortion of the calibration camera.
LatLong to DomeMaps a VR 360-degree image onto a virtual sphere and provides controls for displaying it on a dome screen.
Planar to DomeMaps a planar image onto a virtual flat or curved surface and provides controls for displaying it on a dome screen.


CanvasCreates a main server video output window with an OpenGL context.
Comment AreaСreates a block in the node graph containing a comment or annotation. Additionally, nodes placed inside a comment box become attached to it and can be moved as one entity, providing a simple method of organizing the node graph visually.
DisplayCreates a viewport that can be placed on the canvas.
GroupCreates a container that nests a group of nodes and forwards their input and output parameters.
Render TargetRenders an off-screen image.
Server ControlProvides controls over the server and Screenberry application; displays general system information.
Shared GroupCreates a container that nests a group of nodes and can be shared between projects.
System InfoCalculates and displays performance counters (CPU and GPU usage, frame rate, disk read speed, etc.)

Human Interface Devices

JoystickProvides joystick events handling.
KeyboardListens to the specified keyboard events and executes triggers based on them.
MouseProvides mouse events handling.
Presentation ClickerForwards (and remaps, if needed) presentation clicker input events or simulates them.

Image Processing

Alpha MaskUses the red channel (first channel) of an image as the alpha channel for a source image.
Chroma KeyRemoves the chroma key color (green) from a source image.
Extract ChannelExtracts the specified single channel from a source image.
FX StackApplies a sequence of ISF (Interactive Shader Format) effects to a source image.
GLSL ShaderCreates a GLSL shader.
Image BlendingBlends two images together using the standard blending modes.
Image BufferAccumulates a specified number of source video frames in a buffer, and can be used for a delay effect or to hold an image temporarily when paused.
Image SaverSaves an image into a file.
Image SplitSlices a source image into equally sized sections according to a specified grid.
InvertInverts a source image’s colors.
LightenApplies the lighten filter to a source image.
MaximalApplies the optimized maximum filter to a source image.
Merge to StereoscopicCreates a stereoscopic image by merging two single images or converting a stereoscopic frame-packed image.
MultiplyMultiplies two images.
ThresholdApplies a threshold filter to a source image.
UV RemapApplies UV transforms to a source image.


Easing FunctionApplies the easing functions to the input value changing within the range [0, 1].
ExpressionProvides the runtime parsing and evaluation of a mathematical expression using the Mathematical Expression Toolkit Library (ExprTk).
Float CompareCompares two floating-point numbers and outputs a boolean result as well as triggers when the comparison state changes.
Float In RangeIdentifies whether the input floating-point number is within the specified minimum and maximum range and outputs a boolean result as well as triggers when it becomes in range and out of range.
Float MixCompounds two floating-point numbers proportionally based on the mix value.
Line GraphPlots a graph based on incoming values over a specified time period or a number of frames.
Logic OperationPerforms the specified logical operation on boolean value inputs.
Maximal FloatReturns the largest of floating-point number inputs.
Multiply FloatMultiplies floating-point numbers. 
PID ControllerImplements a PID (proportional–integral–derivative) controller.
Simulated SystemSimulates output of the inertial system.
Smooth TransitionProvides a smooth transition between input value states over a specified period of time.
Threshold FloatExecutes corresponding triggers when the rising or falling edge of an input value passes through a specified threshold value; outputs a boolean value that is true when an input value exceeds a threshold value, and false when it is smaller than a threshold value.

Media Sources

GradientGenerates a UV gradient or a gradient image with user-specified colors. A UV gradient can be used together with 3D nodes (Camera 3D, UV Remap).
Image FileLoads an image from a file.
Media PlayerCreates a media player that provides control over the playlists or timelines playback.
Notch PlaybackPlays Notch blocks.
Solid ColorGenerates a solid color image.
Test PatternGenerates a grid pattern image that can be used for manual calibration.
Text ImageRenders text according to the user-defined formatting.
Touch EnginePlays a Touch Engine .tox container loaded from a file.
Web ViewRenders a specified web page.


LTC DecoderExtracts SMPTE Linear Timecode (LTC) data from an audio stream.
LTC EncoderOutputs internal timecode encoded as an SMPTE Linear Timecode (LTC) audio stream.
MTC DecoderDecodes a MIDI timecode from messages received from the MIDI In node.
Timecode DisplayRenders an image of the current timecode value. Timecode Display can be added as a separate widget.
Timecode EventsExecutes triggers when specified cue points are reached in the received timecode.
TimecodeGenerates a timecode that provides a time reference for synchronizing the processing of nodes and external applications. 


AccumulatorAccumulates a specified number of frames to create a mask for blob tracking.
BlobTrackerDetects the positions of blobs in the source image.
FreeD TrackerReceives camera tracking data from devices that support the FreeD protocol.
LiDARReceives range data from LiDAR devices.
Mo-Sys F4Receives camera tracking data from devices that support the Mo-Sys F4 protocol.
NetManager ResponderSends NetworkManager packets to other Front Pictures applications.
RTTrP TrackerReceives tracked motion data from devices that support Real Time Tracking Protocol (RTTrP), such as BlackTrax devices.

User Controls

ButtonCreates a custom button control that executes a trigger on a button click.
CheckboxCreates a custom checkbox control that executes On and Off triggers on a checkbox state change and outputs a boolean value corresponding to the checkbox status.
Color PickerCreates a custom color picker control that outputs a vec3 value of the selected color. For convenience, a color HEX value is displayed in the color picker.
Combo BoxCreates a user control that exposes the selected combo box parameter of a specified node that is currently added to the node graph and has this type of parameter.
FloatCreates an input field for double-precision floating-point numbers.
GUI PanelAllows adding, arranging, or modifying the user interface controls in the panel layout that can be customized using the visual editor.
IntCreates an input field for integer numbers.
LabelCreates a custom label in the user controls layout.
SliderCreates a custom slider control.
SwitchCreates a custom control for switching links in the node graph.
Text ValueCreates a custom text field or text area control.


Action to BoolSets the value of an output boolean parameter to true when an On trigger is executed and to false when an Off trigger is executed.
Action to FloatConverts On and Off triggers into 1.0 and 0.0 floating-point numbers, respectively.
Bool to ActionExecutes On and Off triggers when an input boolean parameter changes its value.
Bool to FloatConverts a boolean value into a floating-point number (true to 1.0 and false to 0.0).
Bool to IntConverts a boolean value into an integer number (true to 1 and false to 0).
CHOP InputCreates a custom CHOP parameter for use with the Touch Engine node.
CHOP OutputExposes a CHOP parameter from the Touch Engine node.
Combo to IntReturns an integer number corresponding to the index number of the value selected in a combo box.
Euler to QuaternionConverts Euler rotation angles into a quaternion.
Float Array SplitExtracts floating-point numbers from a floating-point array.
Float ArrayCreates a floating-point array from floating-point numbers.
Float Matrix SplitExtracts floating-point numbers from a floating-point matrix.
Float MatrixCreates a floating-point matrix from floating-point numbers.
Float to ActionExecutes an Off trigger when an incoming floating-point number value is changed to zero and executes an On trigger when an incoming floating-point number value is changed from zero to any other value.
Float to BoolChanges a boolean value to false when an incoming floating-point number value is changed to zero. Changes a boolean value to true when an incoming floating-point number value is changed from zero to any other value.
Float to IntConverts a floating-point number into an integer.
Float to TimecodeConverts a floating-point number into a timecode value.
Image FormatExtracts image format information, including image size, number of channels, bits per channel, and whether it is stereoscopic.
Int Array SplitExtracts integer numbers from an integer array.
Int ArrayCreates an integer array from integer numbers.
Int to BoolReturns a boolean value of false when an incoming integer equals zero, and true when it equals any other value.
Int to ComboConverts an integer into an index number and can be used for selecting values of a linked combo box parameter.
Int to FloatConverts an integer into a floating-point number.
IVec2 SplitConverts an IVec2 value into two integers.
IVec2Converts two integers into an IVec2 value.
Mat4 SplitConverts a Mat4 value into four Vec4 values.
Mat4Converts four Vec4 values into a Mat4 value (composing a 4x4 matrix).
Matrix DecomposeDecomposes a transformation matrix into position, scale, rotation, skew, and perspective values.
Quaternion to EulerConverts a quaternion into Euler rotation angles.
String Array SplitExtracts strings from a string array.
String ArrayCreates a string array from strings.
String Table SplitExtracts strings from a string matrix.
String TableCreates a string matrix from strings.
Timecode to FloatConverts a timecode value into a floating-point number.
Vec2 Array SplitExtracts Vec2 values from a Vec2 array.
Vec2 ArrayCreates a Vec2 array from Vec2 values.
Vec2 SplitConverts a Vec2 value into two floating-point numbers.
Vec2Converts two floating-point numbers into a Vec2 value.
Vec3 Array SplitExtracts Vec3 values from a Vec3 array.
Vec3 ArrayCreates a Vec3 array from Vec3 values.
Vec3 SplitConverts a Vec3 value into three floating-point numbers.
Vec3Converts three floating-point numbers into a Vec3 value.
Vec4 SplitConverts a Vec4 value into four floating-point numbers.
Vec4Converts four floating-point numbers into a Vec4 value.

Video Streaming

Datapath CaptureImplements video input from Datapath Vision capture cards.
DeckLink CaptureImplements video and audio input from DeckLink capture cards by Blackmagic Design.
DeckLink OutputOutputs a video stream to DeckLink devices by Blackmagic Design.
Deltacast CaptureImplements video input from Deltacast capture cards.
GenICam CaptureImplements video input from GenICam-compliant cameras.
Magewell CaptureImplements video and audio input from Magewell capture cards.
NDI InReceives a video and audio stream from an NDI-compatible device.
NDI OutOutputs video and audio as an NDI stream.
Point Grey CameraCaptures a video stream from Point Grey cameras.
RTMP ServerReceives an RTMP video and audio stream.
RTSP PlayerPlays an RTSP video and audio stream from a remote source.
Spout InReceives real-time video from Spout-enabled applications.
Spout OutSends real-time video to Spout-enabled applications.
Video Capture (DirectShow)Receives video streams from devices that support the DirectShow API (Windows).
Video Capture (V4L)Receives video streams from devices that support the V4L API (Linux).
Video PreviewDisplays a video preview in a custom-sized window.

Warp and Transform

Bezier WarpWarps an image using Bezier curves, for example, for mapping a projection onto curved or partially curved surfaces.
LED Stripes MapperRemaps media content into lines for output to an LED stripes controller.
Lens DistortionApplies lens distortion correction and is used with the Camera and Calibrator nodes to calibrate panoramas using non-fisheye lenses.
MaskAllows the creation of free-form vector shapes that can be applied over other images as masks.
Patch ReplicatorCreates instances of the target patch and distributes them based on the rules specified by the user.
Quad GridApplies a perspective warp transformation to the individual planes of a mesh grid.
Quad WarpApplies a perspective warp transformation to an image, for example, to compensate for the distortion caused by the projection of an off-axis image onto a planar surface (also known as keystone distortion).
RectangleApplies planar rectangle-based translate/scale transformations to an image.
Soft Edge BlenderGenerates blending maps for the soft edge blending of two or more overlapping images into a single seamless image.
Transform 2DGenerates a transformation matrix for the patches.
Triangle MeshWarps an image based on triangle mesh, for example, for mapping a projection onto objects that are composed of triangular shapes.
XGridWarps an image for mapping onto objects with repeating 3D pyramid-like shapes.